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Which is better for driving the robot: Computer or Smartphone/Tablet?

While each person may have different preferences, we try to highlight some of the advantages for driving a telepresence robot using a computer vs a smartphone or tablet.

– PCs/laptops have larger screens.  In addition to the larger view, this enables more features to be shown on the screen (such as a downward facing camera view, and options that can be clicked that otherwise could not be shown due to limited space).

– If using a smartphone or tablet you need to make sure you point the camera at yourself (which may be simple for a couple minutes but may become rather cumbersome on longer video calls).

– On a PC there is no need to worry about the battery on your phone/tablet being drained.

– Oftentimes, you can operate telepresence robots by simply logging in on a web browser, and don’t even need to install an app.

– PCs allow for greater multitasking capability since you can have multiple windows open.  Write or read notes while still looking at the same screen.

– Typically easier to drive a robot using a PC.  No need to worry about fingers slipping off the screen, or needing to be too precise with which part of the screen you press.

If you can think of any other advantages or disadvantages of using a PC to a smartphone or tablet, or if you have any related questions, feel free to let us know by reaching out via our Contact Us page!

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