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The Denver unveiling of the Vigilus MRP™ (Mobile Robotics Platform) took place at the Gamma Two Robotics lab and received a warm reception. Vigilus represents several years of the research and development of autonomous robots, performed by Dr’s Louise and Jim Gunderson; CEO and CTO, respectively, of Gamma Two. Vigilus’s primary niche is the security market, filling the role of a night watchman. This is an oftentimes dull and potentially dangerous position; often difficult to fill, even in struggling economic times. The Vigilus robot can help fill that role, and can work for 9+ hours before needing a recharge.

Vigilus is one of the few truly autonomous robots on the market and can work in perpetuity without human intervention or even wireless communication. He just follows the last orders given, which could range from patrolling a warehouse to simply watching a door. While many other robots might simply go back to the last point of wireless communication upon any error, Vigilus’s lizard-like brain enables him to learn about his environment, even as it might change, in an office or warehouse. An alert can be sent to a human operator if there is an irregularity. With a video feed Vigilus can be tele-operated, or given a command to further investigate.

Dr.Gunderson spoke regarding the introduction of Vigilus to the market, “This is ground-breaking, disruptive, sophisticated technology that is useful, affordable, easy to install and use, and provides real value to our customers.” That provided value includes one of the major differences provided by a robot.  While humans need bathroom/meal breaks during their shift, they get distracted or, potentially worse, they fall asleep, robots avoid each of these problems. Additionally, you won’t find Vigilus at a local bar or a dark alleyway being slipped a thick envelope or having the welfare of his children threatened by unscrupulous thugs (you know, as compared to the more scrupulous thugs out there). Vigilus doesn’t care about money and regarding their 'lives,' robots can recycle their young when something goes wrong. Vigilus, as its name implies, vigilantly stands guard to make sure everything is as it ought to be.  

The Vigilus should be an interesting  addition to the field of telepresence robots, especially if they decide to add a monitor which can be used to display an operator, allowing for even more uses with the robot.  For example, the robot can be used for security after and during business hours, but during business could also be used for normal telepresence usage such as business meetings with remote workers, warehouse inspections, or company tours. 


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