Website Launch and Welcome is proud to finally launch our website. We hope that this website will grow to be a center of information pertaining to telepresence robotics, consumer robots, and related products that provide telepresence and enhanced remote communication.

Our primary goal for the website is to bring together the most useful information regarding telepresence robots so that our visitors will be more fully informed about the benefits that each robot can offer. That information, coupled with the robot reviews, will enable visitors to make the best decision possible when purchasing their own telepresence robot or robots. Telepresence robotics, for a long time, been our passion, and this is our way of sharing that passion in a way that will benefit other people; no matter where they may be in the world.

Due to the fact that we have no affiliations with any of the producers of telepresence robots, the information on this website is unbiased. We encourage our members and visitors to review the robots as we would like to share those experiences in the hopes of helping potential customers make more informed decisions. Please include any positive or negative points, as well as areas where you think the robot may be improved. This website, with enough participation from our members, could potentially become a reference point for manufacturers of telepresence robots. It can be used as a tool for them to understand the direction their developments should take, and for them to make the necessary improvements to their current products. Robotics and automation is going to be a large part of the future, and telepresence robotics is just a small part of that field. The technology is no longer only seen in specialized multi-million dollar facilities; but it is now coming into our homes, small businesses, and medical clinics. Telepresence robots are helping us make the world, in one sense, "smaller," bringing us closer together by enhancing communication with others through their convenience and effectiveness, and giving us a small picture of what the future holds.

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