What is a Telepresence Robot and what can they do?

Simply put, a telepresence robot helps place “you” at a remote location instantly, providing you a virtual presence, or “telepresence.”  A telepresence robot is a computer, tablet, or smartphone-controlled robot which includes a video-camera, screen, speakers and microphones so that people interacting with the robot can view and hear its operator and the operator can simultaneously view what the robot is “looking” at and “hearing.”  Some robots require a tablet or phone to be attached to the robot, while others include built-in video and audio features.

People from all types of environments are putting telepresence robots into action. School districts, corporate offices, hospitals, medical clinics, business warehouses, and more, are seeking potential benefits which can be gained by taking prudent advantage of the progressions within the field of telepresence robotics. Consequently, telepresence robots themselves are growing in popularity as their potential continues to be explored, developed, and utilized. Robot owners are appreciating the cost savings, time and energy savings, and the enhanced communication and presence which telepresence robots can bring to most any area or location.

“Intriguing,” you may be thinking, “but of what significance is this to me? What good can a telepresence robot do me or my business?”

One answer is that, as mentioned above, a telepresence robot can be used to provide yourself a “far reaching” pair of mobile “eyes” and “ears,” enabling you to have a remote presence at any location with an internet connection. For example, if you had a part in arranging a remote office in London while you were at your home office in Seattle, and you needed to make sure everything was in order and just as you wanted it to be, a telepresence robot would allow you to see the arrangement of that office in London with the added convenience of being able to control exactly what you wished to view merely by the press of a button or two from your laptop in Seattle. To reiterate, the user has complete control to move the robot around the office in London and to view anything at the robot’s location.

Hospitals have been using telemedicine features for years and now telepresence robots provide even more robust technology to help surgeons more effectively advise their peers during an operation, physicians to more conveniently perform their rounds or monitor patients who have recently been released from the hospital, and experts to eliminate travel times in emergency situations such as the event of a stroke, when each minute saved results in the saving of millions of brain cells. Within the medical field these robots are commonly referred to more specifically as “medical telepresence robots” or “hospital telepresence robots,” many of which have health-related applications added on to the basic telepresence capabilites.

Telepresence robots go beyond a simple video conference call because the operator has full control of what they wish to see: no more need for multiple people to leave their seats and rotate so they can be seen by the video screen. No more need to wait for an employee to have a remote conference; you can go to him at your convenience. No more need to fly out or drive to view a warehouse or visit a patient in an emergency; simply log in to your robot and be there in a heartbeat to assess the situation. Simply use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to direct the robots camera to see what or whom you wish to see; whenever you like. This control is further enhanced by the ability to drive the robots around rooms and hallways, offering a more complete virtual presence. Furthermore, some robots are able to utilize additional features such as a laser pointer which can help increase the effectiveness of communication, and auto-navigation and mapping features that enable you to click on a location and prepare notes or relax while the robot travels there autonomously; providing an indication to you upon its arrival.

How can a telepresence robot help you in your business, hospital, school, or home?   View the short video below to learn how you can save large quantites of time and money by using a telepresence robot.

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Save money and forget hassles from waiting or travel. Keep a strong presence w/ a telepresence robot! *Robot shown is the Ohmni.