VGo Communications

VGo Communications is a telepresence robotics company founded in 2007 and is based in Nashua, NH.  They currently focus on providing robotic telepresence solutions within education, business, and healthcare environments.  VGo Communications’ telepresence robot, the VGo robot, offers users ways to perform their jobs and interact with other in ways previously not possible.

One example of the benefits the VGo can provide is how well it fits into the medical and telehealth field, decreasing re-admissions and increasing service by enabling medical personnel to quickly and easily monitor patients and consult with peers remotely.  Family of patients can, likewise, visit their loved ones from afar when they are unable to visit in person; allowing for more personal communication and saving hundreds of dollars due to time and the cost of travel in the meanwhile.

For other examples of how the VGo helps users in the medical, corporate, or hospital settings, you may click the highlighted link above.  There you will also find VGo videos, images, features, other information, and links to make a purchase or get a free demo.  Additionally, you can benefit from the experiences of former and current users of the VGO by clicking the following link for VGo reviews.

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