FutureRobot is a Korean-based telerobotics manufacturer which was founded in 2009.  They have focused on developing and producing telepresence robots which will help businesses with marketing, advertising, and customer service.  They also offer a telepresence robot offering for home users.

Their FURo-D and FURo-S smart service robots have been used in hospitals and airports to help provide directions and answer other customer questions.  They have also been used in stores to display advertisements, interact with customers, display and guide customers to product locations or airport gates, and even tell jokes or take pictures.

FutureRobot’s FURo-Desk robot is a stationary robot which, like the two robots above, has a touch-screen, speakers, microphone, and camera, and can be used to welcome and talk with customers, display, promote, and describe products, and can act as a payment terminal similar to a self-checkout station.

The FURo-i Smart Home Service Robot is a telepresence robot which comes with a Samsung tablet to operate as the robots ‘head’ and features a list of four interesting applications, called Family Chat, Home View, Family Planner, and Home Control.  In short, together these features allow you to have a more engaging remote video chat with your family and friends by including the ability to drive the FURo around; an especially useful tool if you have loved ones who are unable visit often or if you wish to check in on your home and/or family.  You can also create and manage a schedule and alerts for bill payments or wake-up calls.  Additionally, you can view and manage different appliances in your home, such as lights, CD players, thermostats, televisions. Within the Home Control application is FURo-iHome Security, where the FURo can send alerts if it detects intruders or trespassors based on its motion detection sensors.

For more information on the telepresence robots from FutureRobot, please feel free to view their individual robots pages where you will find FURo robot videos, images, and other information as well as finding links to purchase or get a free FutureRobot demo.  To view what other users are saying about the FURos, check out our FutureRobot reviews pages.  To view robot reviews for the FURo-i visit the following link: FURo-i Smart Home Robot reviews.