Giraff Technologies

Giraff Technologies AB, a division of JoiceCare AB, is based in Västerås, Sweden and is the manufacturer of the Giraff medical telepresence robot, which you may view by clicking the highlighted text.

Giraff Technologies developed the Giraff robot for use in both business and healthcare environments, but has progressed towards a focus on healthcare.  Giraff was the recipient of two European Union grants: an EU AAL ExCITE grant and a 7th Program for Research and Technological Development grant.

The Giraff is a mobile telepresence robot with a focus not only on social connection but on helping elderly people who live on their own and who, if need be, require assistance to enable them to do so.  Instead of developing a product and marketing it to consumers, Giraff has focused on delivering service to people, and working backwards from that point.  Essentially, seeing what people need and want (within the robot’s scope, of course) and adapting the Giraff accordingly.

For Giraff videos, images, and details click the highlighted text above.  Also, you may click the following link to see what experiences medical personnel and other users have been having: Giraff robot reviews.

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