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Giraff Summary

Giraff Technologies' Giraff telepresence robot helps elderly people remain in their homes for longer, and allows them to stay connected to their friends and family in the most personal way possible without actually being there.  The image of the remote user is displayed on the screen and the robot can be driven around to view anything in its vicinity, almost as if you were there in person. 

The Giraff robot can be combined with the Giraff Plus solution, which is currently being supported by the EU (European Union). Giraff Plus combines the Giraff's telepresence capabilities with sensors which are placed around the home which collect both environmental and physiological data. 

The environmental sensors are based on motion detection, measure pressure, and can indicate the use of household appliances.  If a door or window is open?  A signal can be sent through the robot to a caretaker.   

The physiological sensors can measure blood pressure and blood-oxygen and blood-sugar levels and send that information to healthcare providers.  Doctors can, therefore, meet the patients needs by having immediate access to important information while engaging with the patient remotely, helping to reduce the number of needed admissions to a hospital or visits to a clinic.

The Giraff itself is controllable from any location with an internet connection through the use of a personal computer.  Family members, friends, care-takers can all log into the robot and operate the robot, interact with others, and explore the Giraff's environment.

For a great glimpse of how the Giraff can help your hospital or assisted living facility, you, or your loved ones, please view the featured video above, or the "Giraff Videos" section below.

What are Some of the More Technical Details of the Giraff telepresence robot?

The Giraff telepresence robot includes an Intel i7-3610QM (quad core) processor with Windows 7, 4 GB RAM, 60GB Solid-State Hard Drive, 550 MB/s read/write speed, WiFi, and USB 2 and 3.

Software developers will find the Giraff robot even more flexible and robust with the following features:

- Ability to access API: which allows control of the motors.

- Ability to operate the Giraff without an internet connection using local mode support. 

- Ability to allow 3rd-party apps to integrate with Giraff's remote control software: Pilot, via software plug-ins. 

- Ability to integrate Giraff's Pilot into other applications via a Java wrapper.

- Ability to use third-party applications that integrate with the Giraff application via plugins. 

- Ability to transmit data to and from a cloud service (Sentry) responsible for managing call permissions and logs.

- Ability to access to source code ins some scenarios.


Bandwidth Required
Top Speed
Run Time
Video Resolution
Docking Station
Unique Features
Remote control for easy call answering and initiation
Tablet Auto-Charged
Charge Time
Network Connectivity
Crash Avoidance
Giraff Technologies


Pilot Application: Used to connect the Giraff via the internet.

Sentry Database: Used by care providers for management and configuration.

Warranty: Software upgrades and support for 2 years. 

Support: 24-hour phone and email.

Giraff Inside: Private site for advice on planning, implementation, economic analysis, and more.

Giraff Images

Giraff Technologies' Giraff medical telepresence robot main image.
The Giraff telepresence robot enabling a remote user to communicate with an elderly man.
Woman operating the Giraff robot via a laptop.
The Giraff robot alongside the founder of Giraff Technologies.
Giraff Technologies' Giraff robot pictured in front of a woman at a desk.
The Giraff being used to engage with an elderly couple at their home.
The Giraff telepresence robot pictured inside a living room.

Giraff Videos

Beautifully made video which illustrates usage of the Giraff robot. An elderly lady is visited by a care provider via the Giraff's telepresence. The robot enabled instant face-to-face interaction through the monitor, viewing of the apartment, checking to see if vitamins had been taken, and even
The founder of Giraff Technologies explains how the Giraff is an affordable robot for care providers. The Giraff helps caregivers provide better and more expedient service at almost any time while maintaining the confidence and peace of mind of the patients.
This video features features one customer's experience using the Giraff telepresence robot in her home. She notes that, due to the Giraff, she feels both safer and closer to her children, who life in different cities.
Here is a lengthy (over 10 minutes) demonstration video of the Giraff robot. Two ladies are able to interact remotely, share medical information, and discuss health problems which can be addressed using the Giraff.
This is a two-minute video which provides directions for how to install and run the Pilot program app for the Giraff robot.
Giraff medical telepresence robot main image with clear background.
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