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Endurance Summary

Endurance, the maker of the Endurance telepresence robot, seeks to provide energy-efficient technologies for controlling their robot. The Endurance robot comes equipped with an ASUS Nexus tablet and the LinPhone program, an open-source application similar to Skype.

Users simply download the LinPhone program onto their computer, phone, or tablet and they can make calls to the Endurance robot and control it from remote locations. For those unfamiliar with the LinPhone app, it is similar to Skype, as mentioned above, and Google Hangouts, Viber, and other video conferencing applications so there should be very little difficulty in getting things set up.

The included tablet works with WiFi, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE, enabling the telepresence robot to use any internet connection. Additionally, users may operate the Endurance robot within a local network (a peer-to-peer connection).

The Endurance robot has four sensitive sonar sensors which survey the robots surroundings and will stop the robot upon detection of an obstruction.

Endurance uses a connection which it says is more reliable and stable than a Bluetooth connection. The Endurance robot has a microcontroller for operating the wheel platform which is connected to the robot’s tablet via a mini-USB connection with Android Debug Mode.

Additionally, Endurance plans to expand its current list of recommended tablets as well as providing a telepresence robot with a built-in monitor.


Unique Features
WiFi, 4G
Top Speed
2-3 mph
Crash Avoidance
Run Time
6 hours
Charge Time
4-6 hours
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used
Docking Station
5′ 7″ (170 cm) Adjustable.
Bandwidth Required
100-150 KB/s
Tablet Auto-Charged
Network Connectivity
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Features and Warranty

Height: The Endurance robot can be adjusted from 100cm to 170cm but can be customized to an even smaller size if desired.

Platform weight: 12 kg (Approximately 26.5 lbs.).

4 wheels (2 leading).

Micro-controller to control the wheel platform.

4 ultrasonic sonar sensors.

Polymeric plastic wheels.

Can be easily disassembled and folded for easy portability.

Endurance Warranty: In case of a manufacturer’s defect, Endurance will either solve the problem remotely or take back the robot and fully refund the customer minus the shipping fee.

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Endurance Images

Endurance telepresence robot new body design
Endurance's Endurance telepresence robot main image with clear background
Endurance robot at a showcase event
Endurance telepresence robot base with the new body design
Endurance telepresence robot base with out covering
Endurance telepresence robot mast pictured with devices attached
Endurance remote present robot back side view of the head
Endurance robots side view of telepresence robot
Endurance robot standing inside of a home
Endurance telepresence robot being used to watch a lecture in an auditorium
Endurance telepresence rig inside empty room

Endurance Videos

Endurance telepresence robot video in which the robot is shown being used in a variety of settings.
In this short video Endurance presents their mobile telepresence robot and their stationary telepresence robot, the SelfieBot.

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