Learn How Home Telepresence Robots Are Reducing
Costs & Eliminating Travel for Visiting Friends and Family!

Save money on travel by visiting your coworkers or family at any moment via one of these telepresence robots!

On this page you will find all home telepresence robots.  You can sort by telepresence robot price, rating, type, or brand.  Clicking on any of the robot images will take you to that robot’s individual page with a price, summary, videos, pictures, and links to reviews, purchase, or get demos or quotes. 

  • Ohmni telepresence robot main image featuring the polar white model.
  • VGo

    VGo Communications VGo robot image with clear background.
  • AMY A1 telepresence robot main image with clear background.
  • PadBot P1 main image with clear background.
  • Revolve Robotics Kubi telepresence robot main image with blank background
  • PadBot P2 main picture with clear background
  • BotEyes robot main image with a clear, white background.
  • PadBot U1 Version 2 is seen here upon a white background
  • Double 2 telepresence robot from Double Robotics main image.
  • PadBot T1 small telepresence robot main image with smartphone (not included).
  • Giraff Technologies' Giraff medical telepresence robot main image.
  • Ubbo Maker telepresence robot, version 3, from AXYN Robotique, main image.
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