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“A Stationary Platform for Inspecting Detailed Objects”



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Collaborate i/o Summary

Are you an engineer or someone who needs to travel to inspect parts or other small objects?  If so, the Collaborate i/o may be just what you need in order to save time and money otherwise spent on travel!

Collaborate i/o offers the Collaborate i/o telepresence robot; designed specifically for engineers. Collaborate i/o knows that scientists and engineers working on technical problems need to be able to see their assembly pieces in great detail. The Collaborate i/o robot provides an LED light ring and an impressive 18X optical zoom with the ability to control the pan and tilt remotely. These features enable the remote user to see exactly what they need to see in order to accurately diagnose and fix technical problems.

The Collaborate i/o robot has an easy to use, browser-based interface. Remote users can simply and quickly be invited. The Collaborate i/o robot itself can be setup and ready to use in under 2 minutes.  It is a stationary telepresence robot so the robot cannot be driven around from its remote location.

The Collaborate i/o has a few impressive features which help make collaborating on technical work more efficient and exciting. The Augmented Reality feature allows users to mark the live video stream with drawings and notes that appear on the other users’ screens. The sketches of the user(s) will be moved as the camera rotates and zooms. Enhanced Navigation via a computer vision map feature and auto-saved positions ensures that users will not lose their bearings. The Auto-Activation feature ensures that people can have quick, direct access to the robot and its environment, without needing someone present at the robots location, simply log in and begin using the robot remotely.

Furthermore, the Collaborate i/o robot provides support for a 4G cellular data connection for an additional price, providing users a simple way to connect where Wi-Fi or wired internet is not available or difficult to access.


Unique Features
18x Optical Zoom, LED lights, Enhanced Navigation, 10 simultaneous users
Docking Station
Crash Avoidance
Top Speed
Tablet Auto-Charged
Run Time
Charge Time
Stationary Telepresence
Bandwidth Required
Collaborate i/o
Video Resolution
Network Connectivity
WiFi (4G Option)
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Features and Warranty

The Collaborate i/o robot can be setup in under 2 minutes; simply attach the table clamp and attach the robot, plug it into the wall, and begin.

The Collaborate i/o has built-in teleconferencing so, with only two clicks, users can start a conference.

Monitor: None (Uses only the camera)

System Requirements: Collaborate i/o works in all modern web browsers.

Enhanced Navigation – Saved Positions: This feature enables users to save certain camera views and positions so they can be returned to at any time.

Enhanced Navigation – Map View: This feature scans the surroundings and presents a bird’s eye view of the focus of the camera.

The Collaborate i/o robot supports conferences of up to 10 users.

Security: Communication is secured via 128-bit encryption.

Customized Lenses Available: close-up, macro, telephoto, fisheye, and more.

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Collaborate i/o Images

Collaborate io telepresence robot main image.
Collaborate i/o engineering robot pictured on a wheeled stand and optional carrying case.
Screenshot of Collaborative io conference call and view of circuit board.
Collaboriate i/o screenshot view of remote screen while working on machinery.

Collaborate i/o Videos

Short video of the Collaborate i/o stationary telepresence robot.

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