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Double 2 Summary

Looking for an easy (and fun) way to skip your work commute but still have a presence in the office?  Check out the Double 2! 

The Double 2 is the newest version of the Double telepresence robot from Double Robotics.  The price listed is for only the Double 2 telepresence robot, to which you would attach your tablet. 

However, there is a discounted price of $3,000 for purchasing the Double 2 Full Set (which includes the Double 2 robot, Camera Kit, Audio Kit, and Charging Dock all together, resulting in a discounted overall price).  Most images below (and above) are of the Double Full Set.  The Double 2 includes improved lateral stability control and a new Power Drive feature so you can speed up while covering larger distances around your office or school.

The improved lateral stability control enables the robot to more easily overcome obstacles found in educational or business settings such as electrical cords or dividers commonly used when changing from tile to thin carpet.   

Using the new Power Drive feature, the Double 2 can travel up to 80% faster then the default speed with the press of a button. For safety while driving the Double 2 has a zero-degree turn radius so users can turn first, in order to see what they will be driving towards, just as they would do if they were physically at the location.  However, Double Robotics also includes a 'slow reverse' feature to help ensure a safer experience.

The Camera Kit allows for a vastly improved field of vision and HD picture-taking through a 5 MP camera with a wide-angle (150 degrees) lens that is attached to the Lightning connector on the user's iPad (not included).  In addition to increased vision, the Camera Kit enables an "Always-on-the-Floor" view so users no longer have to switch between camera views in order to see what is close to the robot.  This feature allows the operator of the robot to have a better understanding of their surroundings and to nagivate more safely.  The final element of note is that the Camera Kit features Adaptive HD, a new feature from Double Robotics, which prioritizes smoother video while driving the robot, and higher resolution while stationary. 

 Regarding the accepted devices to be attached to the Double, Double Robotics recommends using either the iPad Air or the iPad Air 2, but also note that an iPad 2 will work with some of the robot's features. 

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Docking Station
Bandwidth Required
1 Mbps up/down
Unique Features
150-degree lens, Power Drive
Charge Time
2 hours
30-day Money Back Guarantee and 1 year warranty
Run Time
6-8 hours
Crash Avoidance
"Always-on-the-Floor" Camera Feature
Network Connectivity
WiFi or 4G/LTE
Top Speed
47-60" (120-150 cm)
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used
Double Robotics
Tablet Auto-Charged


Improved Lateral Stability and Power Drive.

The Double 2 can be driven using an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or desktop Chrome web browser.

Recommended Tablets: iPad Air or iPad Air 2.

Camera Kit: 5 MP, 150 degree wide-angle lens. Requires an iPad with a Lightning port.

Auto-Charging of the iPad from the Double 2's battery.


Remote Users: The Double 2 can be driven using an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or a Chrome web browser.

Compatible with first generation Double charging dock.

Double 2 Weight: 15 lbs (7kg) after adding an iPad.

Warranty: All repairs and shipping costs due to manufacturing defects are covered by Double Robotics for one (1) year.  An extended warranty (to three (3) years) is available.  

Returns and Exchanges: Handled directly by Double Robotics.

Return Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee.  The Double 2 must be returned in brand-new condition and within 30 days of delivery.  The customer pays for shipping the robot back to Double Robotics.

Double 2 Images

Double 2 telepresence robot from Double Robotics main image.
Double 2 image featuring the robot's camera kit.
Double Robotics Double 2 audio kit pictured without the robot.
Image of the Double 2 robot's base.
Double 2 full set from Double robotics pictured with audio and camera kit and charging dock.
Double Robotics' Double 2 as it is about to drive over electrical cords.
Double 2 charging dock pictured, white with black base.

Double 2 Videos

This Double robot video provides a case study of the Double's use in a rural Alaska school district. The Double telepresence robot enables educators to interact with teachers and their students at schools for which they would usually need to be transported to by airplane. The Double 2 will allow them to be transported instantly.
Double Robotics video guiding users through the unboxing and setup process for the Double 2 robot. It also instructs users on how to connect the iPad being used with the Double 2.
This 3.5 minute video provides driving instructions for the Double 2.
Double Robotics presents an overview of their Double 2 robot within this video. They describe the main features of the robot and how to operate it.
A Double Robotics video which features the experience of a physician from Bon Secours Heart and Vascular Institute. Dr. Robert Lancey illustrates how the Double provides easy access to help monitor and interact with his patients.
In this video, users will view how the Double 2 can be controlled. Users within the video use the robot to give them a remote presence at various types of locations, without needing to even leave the comfort of their own living room.
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