PadBot P2

"Save Money and Communicate More Often with a Strong Presence using a PadBot P2!"

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Papuna Giorgadze (store manager)

The PadBot P2 telepresence robot has as its main highlight the ability to be folded for easy storage and portability.  In addition to its foldability, the PadBot P2 features a 10″ HD screen, upgraded hardware and software, and a sleek, metallic look and design, providing a more polished and professional look than that of its predecessor.

The PadBot P2 robot includes all the features found in the the Padbot P1.  The Padbot P2 still includes obstacle detection, collision avoidance, and an anti-falling system for security and safety while driving.

The P2, however, is taller than the Padbot P1, standing at about 3’7″ tall (1.1 meters), about 10cm taller than the P1.

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