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PadBot P3 telepresence robot image showing entire robot.


Ships within 10 days.

PadBot P3 Summary

The PadBot P3 lets you be where you want to be and engage with others at a remote location almost as if you were really there, just as with all mobile telepresence robots, but the P3 goes a step further by having the additional capability of being a welcome robot.  Program special greetings and message for VIP visitors, who the PadBot P3 will detect using facial recognition.  Have the P3 entertain your visitors by playing a song and dancing for them.

To use the P3 you'll need to download the PadBot app to your device.  When you log in, simply click a button to connect to your PadBot and you'll be driving and interacting with others in moments.

Note: This quick posting is just a placeholder while we work on a more informative summary for you!  In the meanwhile, please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have! 


Network Connectivity
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Top Speed
No Data
Yes (See "Features and Warranty" section)
Tablet Auto-Charged
N/A (Screen included)
No Data
Docking Station
No Data
Crash Avoidance
Inbot Technology
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Bandwidth Required
No Data
Charge Time
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Telepresence (mobile)
Video Resolution
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Run Time
No Data
Unique Features
Ad display, voice interaction, text-to-speech, customer custom Q&A

Features and Warranty


Weight: 18 kg (about 40 lbs)

Height: 100 cm (Appr. 39.37")

Footprint: 45 x 40 cm (Appr. 17.7 x 17.7")

Remote control: Drive the robot anywhere you wanna go within range of your wifi networks!

Real-time video chat: Be 'almost there.'  See, hear, and speak! 

One-way video possible as well: Control the robot using a computer image instead of them seeing you.

Auto-Answer (No one needs to be present at the robot's location for you to log in and drive around)

Interactive Voice Chat: The P3 has speech recognition and intelligent chat. Ask it to play music, tell you the weather, tell you a story, and more

Auto-Wake-Up Feature: The P3 will wake up when someone approaches (within about 2 meters) and welcome them!

Face Recognition and Tracking: The P3 can remember faces and greet them by name!

Text-to-Speech: When in one-way video calls you can type what you want the P3 to say.

Admin Portal: Select a one-way video call, control movement, view all robots from one location.

Customer Customizable Chat: You can add your own questions and responses for the P3 to recognize and respond to!

Play Advertisements: You can choose to display ads when the P3 is in Sleep Mode

Music and Dancing:  The P3 will play, and dance to, music

Lifesmart: The P3 can connect to Lifesmart and be your very own housekeeper!

PadBot Warranty and Tech Support:

PadBot will provide technical support and pay for the shipping to replace any non-working parts within 90 days from the date of purchase.

PadBot Returns:

30-day money-back guarantee providing the robot and all parts are in perfect condition and shipped back in the original packaging within 30 days of the purchase date.  Customer pays for return shipping.  Additionally, there will be a 25% (of the sale price) re-stocking fee.

PadBot P3 Images

PadBot P3 image of entire robot
PadBot P3 telepresence robot facing right
P3 robot front view
PadBot P3 telepresence robot image showing entire robot.
Usually ships within 10 days
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