Ubbo Maker

"A rare, build-it-yourself telepresence robot!"

Proper knowledge of electronics and mechanics may be required for assembly.

Ubbo Maker telepresence robot pic with clear background.



Ubbo Maker Summary

Interested in not only using a telepresence robot but also building one?  The Ubbo telepresence robot will satisfy those desires.  The Ubbo Maker is sent to you as a kit, along with instructions, in the event they are needed. 

Do you want the Ubbo all ready for use?  You can purchase the pre-assembled version for an additional $299 (before shipping costs). 

The Ubbo Maker is manufactured by AXYN Robotique, in France, and can be used to help with many tasks and in many different scenarios.  Even more so due to its being one of the only open-source telepresence robots in any market. 

Once assembled, the Ubbo Maker can be helpful in the following ways: 

In professional environments: 

- Attend meetings remotely.

- Visit coworkers remotely.

- Allow customers to experience and interact with your office location(s).

In school environments:

- Sick or injured children or older students can still attend lectures and interact with the class.

- learn about robotic technology, computers, electronics, mechanics, and telepresence through Ubbo's open source.

In medical and hospital environments:

- Families and friends of patients can more easily visit.

- Doctors can log in and visit patients quickly when not at the physical location.

- Experts can be consulted and have greater effect by the ability to view the room, patient, and on-site caregivers.

In museums:

- Provides distant locations the ability to be patrons of your museum by letting them appreciate your works from afar, and even after hours.

- Can display additional information on pieces by accessing the internet.

What device does the remote user need?

Any device can be used to control the Ubbo as long as it can access the internet. PC users, tablet users, and smartphone users alike can use any web browser to control the Ubbo using the online interface. 

What device should be attached to the Ubbo Maker?

You can attach almost any Android tablet (version 3 or above) to the Ubbo to use as its "head."  Bear in mind that the capabilities of this tablet will define how well you see and are seen, and how well you hear and are heard.  AXYN Robotique, the maker of the Ubbo, have tested most tablets, and all of them work. However, they recommend Samsung tablets with screens around 10" in size with resolution of 1280x800, Android Version 4.4 and above, wifi of 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth version 3 or 4, a 2 megapixel or higher camera, and a USB port.  With Android devices, the Ubbo robot switches automatically to the best wi-fi source.

Are there any options/add-ons to the Ubbo?

The Ubbo can be customized by you, including the option to select from various colors.  Additionally, you can can choose to add on an android tablet, charging dock, 3D file and diagrams, a speaker, and more.  Contact us to get a personalized quote.




Bandwidth Required
350 KB/s (110 upload / 150 download)
Crash Avoidance
Yes: Obstacle Detection and Fall Sensors.
Run Time
4 hours under full usage.
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used
Docking Station
Optional ($115)
Top Speed
About 3.3' per second (1 meter/sec.)
Coming soon.
Network Connectivity
WiFi or $G/3G Hotspot or Directly if tablet has a SIM slot.
2 years parts and labor, plus full technical support!
AXYN Robotique
Unique Features
Open-source, Climbs up to 10 degree inclines
Tablet Auto-Charged
About 4'1" with 10.1" tablet, about 3'8" without tablet.
Charge Time
4 hours

Features and Warranty

No subscription necessary.

Arrives in a kit with directions (tablet not included).  Pre-assembled version available for additional $450.

Open-source telepresence robot!

Obstacle detection and fall sensors.

Mecanum wheels.

Accepts the following tablets: Unknown. Coming soon!

Ubbo Maker Images

Ubbo Maker telepresence robot, version 3, from AXYN Robotique, main image.
AXYN Robotique's Ubbo Maker robot is shown inside a hospital with a patient and nurse, the doctor on screen.
Ubbo Maker robot being used to have a business meeting with two men.
Ubbo Maker telepresence robot being used inside a museum.
Ubbo telepresence robot being used to watch or assist a woman cooking in a kitchen.
Ubbo Maker robot being used in a classroom full of students and the teacher.
Ubbo Maker image showing a woman's painting to illustrate what the remote user sees on their screen, with a on screen buttons for control.
Ubbo Maker telepresence robot image.  Full Ubbo pic with a woman's face onscreen and in background.

Ubbo Maker Videos

Brief introductory video of the Ubbo Maker telepresence robot. Get an idea of the uses for which you can employ the Ubbo.
This Ubbo Maker video shows a man using telepresence to join in on a party with his friends. The Ubbo gives him virtual eyes, ears, mouth, and even legs; allowing him to participate from far away.
In this Ubbo robot video, a businessman is able to use the Ubbo to spend a few minutes with his daughter before she heads off for school.
A child and his mother use the Ubbo telepresence robot to visit a museum in France. Telepresence enables people to visit museums on the other side of the world, and even negates problems due to limited visiting hours.
A female student is able to attend classes from home thanks to the Ubbo Maker telepresence robot. The robot lets her interact with her classmates and teacher almost as if she were there in person.
Business can save thousands by utilizing telepresence robots. Need to visit remote locations for corporate training, warehouse walk throughs, or remote meetings? Use a telepresence robot to eliminate travel and be on-site instantly!
Ubbo Maker video where the robot is used to perform security tasks, allowing security workers to remain safe while performing their job efficiently.
A woman interacts with her doctor and friends using the Ubbo Maker telepresence robot. Distance holds less leverage when you have a telepresence robot; log in and be 'there' in an instant.
Introductory video of the Ubbo Maker. A man goes through simple process of logging in to the Ubbo Maker and controlling it.
In this video you get a sneak peak of the design of the Ubbo telepresence robot In particular, you can see the very unique wheel design of the Ubbo Maker. Check it out!
Ubbo Maker telepresence robot pic with clear background.
Open source!
Build it yourself!
Pre-assembled: Add $450

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