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PeopleBot Summary

The PeopleBot telepresence robot is built on a P3-DX base. The extension to that base allows for chest-height interaction with the robot. Adept Mobile Robots, the manufacturer of the PeopleBot, offers an optional touchscreen which is connected to the in-built computer for human to robot interaction. Since this robot can be used for research and development, the touch screen can be programmed with user specific software. Various accessories can be purchased for this robot which allows the user to customize the robot to suit their particular needs.

Using special sensors, the robot is able to detect obstructions as well as detect flat surfaces such as a table top. With the use of optional grippers, the PeopleBot is able to pick up and place objects on a table. Additional accessories include laser-range finders, mono and stereo vision cameras, gyroscopes and joysticks. Due to the versatile design of the robot, almost any accessory can be added and programmed into the operations.

The PeopleBot robot is able to be controlled by either directional keys or a joystick through included software. This software is also able to plan paths including gradient navigation and can display a map of its sonar readings. This robot was primarily produced for research and development. It provides the tools and accessories to allow the user to setup testing scenarios, including robot vision capabilities. The robot software allows the user to run C/C++ programs making its use very customizable.

An audio and speech package can be purchased, allowing the Peoplebot robot to speak, play, and record sounds through its speakers and microphones. The Peoplebot also features the flexibility of using cameras or manipulator arms instead of the touch-screen.


Bandwidth Required
Top Speed
0.8 m/s
Adept MobileRobots
3' 8" (112 cm)
Run Time
Up to 8 hours (with two additional batteries)
Crash Avoidance
Network Connectivity
Video Resolution
Dependent Upon Device Used, Optional Touch-Screen Available (800 x 600)
Charge Time
12 hours
Unique Features
Optional Autonomous Navigation, Grippers, and Cameras
Docking Station
Yes. One year: All components and work. Extended Warranties Available.
Tablet Auto-Charged

Features and Warranty

Monitor: Optional Touchscreen available.

Weight: About 26 lbs (12kg) with minimum battery capacity.

Customizable & Upgradeable: Dozens of accessories available.

Optional Accessories:

Grippers (to pick up objects)


Laser sensors for enhanced autonomous navigation

Speakers with microphone

Pan/tilt/zoom camera

Speech synthesis 

Onboard computer to run C, C++, and other programs.

PeopleBot Images

Adept MobileRobots Peoplebot telepresence robot main image.
Adept MobileRobots Peoplebot telepresence robot standing in front of bright orange and yellow background
Peoplebot robot shown without optional monitor or laptop included.
Peoplebot standing on the floor of an office building.
Adept MobileRobot's Peoplebot driving through the middle of an office corridor.
Adept MobileRobots' Peoplebot remote presence robot.
Adept Mobile's Peoplebot telepresence robot.
Peoplebot robot image with optional grippers and laptop added.

PeopleBot Videos

Adept MobileRobots PeopleBot telepresence robot in action.
PeopleBot remote presence robot video.
A video of Adept's PeopleBot robot.
Short video of Omron - Adept Technology telepresence robot, the PeopleBot.

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