Double 3

Drive where you want safely, or let the Double 3 do it for you.

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Currently Ship within about 8 weeks

Double 3 Summary

The Double 3 telepresence robot is a major upgrade to the Double 2 and the original Double robot.  The Double 3 features a built-in monitor, obstacle avoidance, and a self-navigation feature where you can click on an area of your screen to have the Double 3 drive there safely.  If you're unsure of how well you can drive a robot using the arrows on your keyboard or a 2D joystick on your handheld device, this feature will appeal to you. 

How can a Double 3 robot help me? A Double 3, as with any telepresence robot, provides you with a remote presence at any location with sufficient bandwidth.  You log into the robot and drive it around while maintaining a two-way video call.  Other see your face and you see them; the next best thing to being there in person.  No need to send emails back and forth to set up a call, drive into your coworkers office now.  Visit loved ones more frequently, avoid the hassle of travel and have a telepresence robot at that warehouse or office in Japan, and spend more time with your family, instead.

What do you need?  Nothing; the Double 3 includes everything out-of-the-box.

How do you control the Double 3? You can use a PC/Mac or handheld device.


Double Robotics
Charge Time
2 hours
47-60" (About 119-152 cm)
Bandwidth Required
1 MBps upload/download
Telepresence Robot
Video Resolution
13 MP (9.7" screen)
Top Speed
Run Time
4 hours
Unique Features
Self-navigation, obstacle avoidance, PTZ Camera (Point-Tilt-Zoom), Night vision mode, Self-balancing base.
Network Connectivity
WiFi with workaround for 4G/LTE
One-year Warranty
Docking Station
Tablet Auto-Charged
Yes, the monitor is built-in
Crash Avoidance

Features and Warranty

Built-in screen

Self-navigation (click on the screen to have the robot drive for you)

Obstacle avoidance

PTZ (Point-tilt-zoom) Camera (the robot's head, itself, does not tilt)

Unique cylindrical base with self-balancing

Can be controlled using any device

Double 3 Images

Double 3 telepresence robot image
Double 3 robot colored heads
Double 3 pic of the head from back and front
Double 3 robot in an office
Double 3 image of features
6-8 weeks estimated lead time

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